I-240 Storage
If no answer, 405-818-9541

I-240 Storage is a safe, secure self storage facility located in south OKC, in the 73159 zipcode, on SW 74th and Penn, behind "74 South" Shopping Center. It's behind Papa Johns and the LED Lighting Store. You can enter off of Youngs, on the west side of the shopping center.

We're American owned and locally owned. If you're finding storage units on Sparefoot, they are a national company that lists storage places and they take a commission. Call us direct. We do not offer "1st month free". That's just a way some places use to lure you in. They usually require a contract and as soon as that contract expires, they raise the rent on you, everytime the contract is renewed. We don't have contracts requiring a minimum time.
It's month to month.
It's pro-rated.
There is a $40 refundable deposit you get back when it's cleaned out.
We have many sizes to choose from. See prices below. Call the number above for availablility.

I-240 Storage



I-240 Storage
2250 SW 74th
OKC, OK 73159

Send payments to:

I-240 Storage
6217 Commodore Ln
Oklahoma City, OK 73162-6814

SouthWest corner of I-240 & Penn, behind Papa John's Pizza and the LED lighting store (2250 SW 74th)
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The best way, if going Westbound is to take Penn and go through the parking lot of the strip mall. If going Eastbound, Take May and stay on the service road. Turn right on Youngs, then left. It is behind 74 South Shopping Center.

Price List

5x6 30 sq/ft $30
5x10 50 sq/ft $45
6x10 60 sq/ft $47
6x12 72 sq/ft $50
5x15 75 sq/ft $55
10x10 100 sq/ft $70
10x15 150 sq/ft $85
10x20 200 sq/ft $120
10x20+10x5 250 sq/ft $130
10x30 300 sq/ft $160
10x30+10x15 450 sq/ft $250
30x30 900 sq/ft $500

Outside the fence

13x20           260 sq/ft $110
14x20 280 sq/ft $120
15x20 300 sq/ft $130
20x22 440 sq/ft $150
20x25 500 sq/ft $170

You can make payments at Linville Properties

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